An Open Letter To My Boys

Dear Boys,

I miss you so incredibly much. I don’t come see you like I know I should. But I feel funny sometimes sitting there crying my heart out and talking to a rock. That rock that shows me how much it is real. You are gone and I am still here. We all are still here. Your death brought us together, then soon after, we all went our separate ways again. It was like you were the glue that held our family together. The good die young, always. I sometimes just tell myself that you are still there, it helps me feel better about everything. Or that one week how you two went on vacation the week of the 4th of July, sometimes I just tell myself that you are on a long extended vacation. It doesn’t help soften the hurt. I know You still love and watch over all of us, but it still hurts that you are gone. I miss you two so much. It’s never good-bye, only see you later…

Fly high my free Birds.


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