An Open Letter To My Adopted Mother

Dear Person,

Thank you! I wanted to start this out by letting you know how much I appreciate you! I love you so much! You will never understand the amount of love I have for you. you took me in when I had no where else to go. you loved me like your own and you always made sure to take my feelings and situation into consideration. you have always been there for me since the day that I met you. You spent more time with me on my wedding day than my own mother. You held me while I cried and you gave me amazing life advice. You always made sure to let me know that I had a family even when I felt like an orphan. I can never begin to tell you how much You mean to me and that you will always be my momma. I know my sister sometimes had an issue when other people would cling to you as I do, but we talked about it, and she was totally cool. Honestly, in a way, it feels like I belong in your family, and that yall belong to me. Not in a weird possessive way or anything. But you are my family and I will forever be grateful to you. I know this is short, but im not going to add fluff to make it this huge drawn out thing. I simply want to tell you this, Thank you. Thank you for always being there and never letting me down. Thank you for always keeping every promise that you have ever made me. Thank you for giving me something to call my own. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and allowing me to be me and accepting me for that. You never judged my craziness or my weirdness. You simply took me as I was and never asked any questions. Thank you for being my mom when I needed one most. You truly are one of the best things that God has ever blessed me with! he knew what he was doing when he brought all of us together. And I really know that he knew what he was doing when he didn’t allow my sister and I to actually be sisters. Lord knows you would have killed one if not both of us. Thank you. I love you to the stars and back.


An Open Letter To My Boys

Dear Boys,

I miss you so incredibly much. I don’t come see you like I know I should. But I feel funny sometimes sitting there crying my heart out and talking to a rock. That rock that shows me how much it is real. You are gone and I am still here. We all are still here. Your death brought us together, then soon after, we all went our separate ways again. It was like you were the glue that held our family together. The good die young, always. I sometimes just tell myself that you are still there, it helps me feel better about everything. Or that one week how you two went on vacation the week of the 4th of July, sometimes I just tell myself that you are on a long extended vacation. It doesn’t help soften the hurt. I know You still love and watch over all of us, but it still hurts that you are gone. I miss you two so much. It’s never good-bye, only see you later…

Fly high my free Birds.

An Open Letter to The Town That Built Me

Dear Person,

Well, actually it should be said “Dear Place”, Thank you for shaping me. Thank you for allowing to grow and have an appreciation for you. But you don’t feel like home anymore. Getting away from you was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. You probably ask, “Why say such hateful things?” well, its quite simple. I grew up in a place that I didn’t belong. I was made fun of. I was belittled and I was made to feel like I never fit in. Because I didn’t. Thank God I found a group of friends that accepted me and we formed our own band of misfits. Literally, a band. We were the band. If it weren’t for my friends, I would never have made it away from you. To this day it makes my skin crawl just thinking about having to come home and visit. I never did anything to anyone. No I am not trying to play the victim. This is the  truth. I would never move back even if someone paid me. Why move back to my “home” when all the people who made me miserable never left. They never will leave. They are going to stay there and procreate, making mini bullies and things will never change. So why would I come home to a place where I was looked down upon, where I wasn’t liked, because I wasn’t like them. You are nothing but a giant sorority. I want nothing to do with that. I know that no matter where I go in life, there will always be someone who doesn’t like me, but when I have children, I don’t want them to have to endure that. I want them to be able to create their own identity. I don’t want you to have an impact on their lives like you did mine. So I will never return. I hope you don’t take it personal, It wasn’t you, just the offspring that you spun off. This isn’t good-bye, this is see you later, because I always have to come back to visit.