An Open Letter To My Twin

Dear Person,

Ok, so I know I am your favorite person in the world! You are my best friend. Not the type of best friend that I have with my husband or the type of friend I have with my friends. But you are my brother. We are closer than anything in this world. You call me out on my stuff and make me own it. You have my back when I need it. You let me learn from my mistakes and you love me for me. We don’t always get along or agree. But we are thick as thieves. I know without a shadow of a doubt, you will always be there for me. You have helped me become to loving, caring, amazing person that I am. Life with you hasn’t been easy, there were times when we didn’t talk, when we swore we hated each other, but the next time we saw each other it was like nothing ever happened. Growing up we would stay up all night, we had a secret code, we were each other’s best friends, hell we still are. We aren’t twins, but people wouldn’t know that if we didn’t tell them. Sometimes I wished we were. I looked up to you. You looked up to me. We carried each other through the rough times. We never let the other down. Honestly I cannot imagine my life without you. Yes we fought a lot, bribed each other, but we also protected and loved each other. You made growing up so much easier, forgetting how rough our lives were. Not that we went without because we didn’t. But knowing I was never alone, unloved, or bored, made it easier. You are an amazing person! I am so very glad that you are mine! I love you so much, even if “you are such a bitch!” 😉


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