An Open Letter To The Man That Pieced Me Together Again

Dear Person,

I am broken. But unlike Humpty Dumpty, you were able to piece me together again. I am amazed at how I love you so. When we first met, I was infatuated. I was so infatuated, I was scared.. I was scared that if I loved you, you would break me too. In the past, I am always the one to get broken. But I trusted you. I had to teach myself to love you. I was so scared when I realized that you would be my future. You always had open arms when I came running back. The first time we broke apart, you needed to grow up, I’m putting it bluntly. The second time I parted from you, I needed to grow up. Then, the third time was the charm, we got married and it is happily ever after. But I don’t think you realize how much I adore you. My first love had so royally screwed me up, that I swore I would never love someone as much as him, in a way I was right, because I love you so much more than that. Looking back, I realize that he was just another frog I had to kiss to get to my prince. I know, cheesy, right? But it is so true. You never left my side no matter how nasty things got. No we don’t always get along. No I don’t always like you. But I always love you! No couple is perfect, but we are pretty close. We are more than just husband and wife, You are my very best friend. As much as you may not realize it. Every night at bedtime, its like a slumber party. We laugh, play and cut up. I’m sure our neighbors are tired of hearing my squealing and laugher. You are my person. Words can never describe how much you mean to me. You are the first person I want when anything is wrong. You never seem to be disappointed in me. You make marriage easy. You are my best friend in the entire world. You know everything. You saved me from myself. You never leave my side. When I look back, I realize just how lucky I am. I am so excited for the years to come. Thank you for piecing me back together again. I know that at the end of the day no matter what, I always have you to fall back on. You love me unconditionally and you keep me grounded. You are just so simply amazing! I am so lucky to have you!  I love you to the stars and back.


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